A Blog to share my knowledge and Experience of QTP. This blog provides real-time usage of various QTP concepts. Some of them have been listed below:

1. Working with Databases in QTP:

In this Section I will share all my experience and knowledge about how to design scripts and reusable Database functions for framework design. This section has been further categorized into two parts as given below:

    1.1 Working with Oracle/ SQL Developer using QTP
    1.2 Working with SQL Server in QTP

2. Working with Terminal Emulators, UNIX and PUTTY in QTP: UNIX is widely used in many NON-UI based as well as UI based applications and to automate such applications we mainly use PUTTY along with Terminal Emulator add-in required by QTP.

3. Working with EXCEL in QTP: Excel is considered as the main interface in case of Data-Driven and Keyword Driven frameworks. Excel is widely used in designing real-time scripts.

4. Working with DOTNET Factory in QTP: DotNet Factory allows us to enhance our scripts by using DotNet Classes and also design interactive UI & Forms for the framework.
5. Designing Real-time Frameworks in Industry projects
6. Working with Basic and Advanced VB Script in QTP


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  1. Very well written article , I came to know about your blog on google groups .Can u please share the details from where i can download QTP 10 or 11 full version. Any help will be highly appreciated.

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